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“OX Summit is the one place where we get intimate access to the most innovative Cloud service providers and telcos looking for solutions their customers need. A completely relevant and valuable event.” Jerome Lecat, CEO Scality

The Venue

Café Moskau opened in 1964 as 1 of 7 international restaurants in Berlin. Since 2009 it is as a multi-purpose meeting and event venue.

It’s located in the heart of Berlin, right at Schillingstrasse subway station (U5), within walking distance of Alexanderplatz.

Plan your route


Travel by Plane

Berlin airports: Tegel Airport in the northwest of Berlin and Schönefeld Airport on the southern outskirts. S-Bahn trains, as well as regional trains, leave the Schönefeld Airport directly for the center of Berlin. From Tegel Airport the city center is easy to reach with the TXL Express bus.

Travel by Car

From any direction, all highways and national roads lead to the capital city Berlin. They all cross the highway which encircles Berlin, known as the “Berliner Ring.” From there urban highways and exits – marked with the word “Stadtmitte” or “Zentrum” – guide drivers towards the center of Berlin. Car and bus parking available in front of the building.

Travel by Train

Travelers arriving in Berlin by train arrive at one of Berlin’s main train stations. Almost all trains stop at the Central Sation (Hauptbahnhof) as well. All railway stations have direct links to public transportation (taxi and subways).

Thursday Oct. 8th Day 1

Tech SessionBusiness Session


OXS15 Doors Open



Welcoming: A Summit like No Other



Selling more than Window Dressing: Exponential Revenue comes from Opening Up to Customers

Summit officially starts with tradition: a powerful keynote from our own Rafael Laguna. In this welcoming of Delegates and friends of OX back to Berlin, he will share piercing insight on how the past year of Tech has impacted the business of IT, as well as shaped individual users to come to expect more. What gunpowder are today’s global Hosting and Telco providers using to stay relevant, engage more customers? And who is already making history in the Cable and Mobile Operator space deploying next-gen infrastructure services? From the latest innovation around service provider deployment models, to the persistent issue of personal information hacks, open source technology and the rally-call around a de-centralized and transparent Internet: grab a hot cup of coffee and a front row seat early to experience up close and personal Raf’s message. After attending this session, Summit Delegates should stick around in the Keynote Hall for TED speaker and a gripping Summit Guest Keynote from Jonathan MacDonald.
Rafael Laguna
CEO of Open-Xchange


Guest Keynote

Disrupting the Value-chain: Innovation at Scale and Technology-led Bravery

The current business landscape and systems that are connected by the Internet is undergoing massive strain: the pressure to innovate, and compete while keeping people secure is enormous. When combined with the potential value (and problem) the data economy has created – the Internet is delivering us quite a brave new world indeed. And these disruptive forces are majorly clashing with the human and technological necessity to freely connect, share and communicate, which in turn has accelerated how people create value on their own terms & conditions. When combined with Democracy’s requirement for transparency, this friction is giving birth to new models and a brand new mindset for business to rise to the challenge and become a sustainable player in the next value-chain we develop together with customers.
Jonathan MacDonald
Founder, Thought Expansion Network



Summit Exhibition // Lunch



“Delivering Scale in the Information Age: Secure, Software-defined Infrastructure to Transform your Business Value“

The Internet is now invading and integrating across so many touch points of our personal and business worlds. And the scale at which the IT industry—and the solutions we are innovating together to deliver—is demanding efficient and more secure requirements at an accelerating rate. And as Cloud and Service Provider business models are constantly being disrupted and therefore more convoluted, the models their IT were architected upon are now demonstrating their limitation and add to the complexity. And it’s not just the big players anymore: more and more, IT infrastructure is becoming a petabyte-sized challenge for every layer of commerce. And petabyte-scale infrastructures tend to break everything, including the most important issue: how to securely manage and provide seamless value to your customers.

Come to this keynote to deeply understand how the digital transformation your business is experiencing has a trusted partner and an agile business model that delivers the next stage of your growth.

Jerome Lecat
CEO Scality



“Your Email Channel – The Chink in your Armor”

Communications via the various technology we all choose – as individual consumers and a business people deploying IT infrastructures – has become inseparable from how successful we are in our daily lives. And secure communication and infrastructure is not only essential, it now becomes the basis from which the next level of value for business is delivered via the Cloud.

Today’s challenge is: the messaging stream is no longer just a vehicle for nuisance, unwanted email. It has become the vehicle of choice for today’s most cunning cyber criminals. Consumers, businesses and service providers are more exposed than ever. 90% of advance threats start with a phishing email. Service providers need more than just blocking and blacklisting to safeguard their infrastructure and customers. Come to this keynote to learn how Open-Xchange and Cloudmark together are the forefront of this new threat horizon by offering a communications platform that together with Cloudmark, provides an advanced messaging security solution that includes protection, visibility and threat intelligence designed with your customers privacy in mind.

Frank Hoberg, EVP Sales and Co-founder OX | Marie-Laure Retureau, Head of Sales EMEA Cloudmark



“Extend your Hosting Business Value: How to deliver Voice Simply and Profitably“

With the Internet being extremely mobile in how people use, consume and value online services and Apps, the Hoster and Service Provider industry struggles to add meaningful services that deliver value across their portfolio and customer base. And as Web and social media identities are increasingly important to providers’ customers, having a successful web application or portal strategy that easily support their requirement for real-time communications is now a critical factor to increased customer engagement.

Come to this keynote and learn just how resellers can easily integrate voice-based services into their offerings and extend new revenue models that grow their business. If you are you an ISP, Telco, Hosting Provider or ISV, this session will showcase the next generation of real time communications that will allow sour business to enter new markets and customer segments.

Greg Mason, CCO Summa | Berend van Dalfzen CCO Yourhosting/Resello



Coffee Break



Powering the World’s Email with Trusted Internet Services

Relying on the credibility and technical know-how of a Cloud provider for the Internet is massively important: as individuals using the Internet, a commercial business or even as a partner extending an offering via provider services. And trust is the critical factor necessary to make these relationships sustainable. The Hosting, Telco and IT industry counts on innovation and profitability of these infrastructure services and getting this from a single source: all the more powerful. Come to this session to hear first-hand about the technology and open approaches that are delivering the next level of the Internet’s value -- after all, much of what Google, Facebook and Apple success has been based on open source philosophy. This session is for the businesses leaders and technical administrators of service providers needing to understand why more than 60% of the world’s IMAP servers depend on Dovecot and how trusted email plays a vital role in service provider growth. After participating in this session, Summit Delegates should also Register for the Dovecot Friday Product Session from 10:00 – 11:30 A.M. on October 9th (see Agenda below).
Mikko Linnamäki
Co-Founder, Dovecot



DNS Matters - Why Subscribers are leaving You: Not Measuring your Customer Experience

Are you seeing an increasing amount of DDoS attacks in delivering your Internet-based service? How certain are you that your DNS person is prepared to fully address the growing complexity of an under siege infrastructure? Co-founder and DNS Guru of POWERDNS, Bert Hubert, will exclusively share with Summit Delegates the simple truth about… - How 99.999% reliability just doesn’t cut it: Assurance as business model - Providing undeniably the best DNS protection and quality support available - What can be done to determine which devices in your network have been hacked - The exact tools required to secure the world’s best Internet infrastructures - Delivering “provable perfection” both to your internal stakeholders and to the people using your services and their exceptional Customer Experience For over a decade, POWERDNS has been developing products and supporting some of the largest Hosting and Telco infrastructures using the Internet to provide services. If you leading or managing a Telco business or infrastructure, this keynote is one you cannot afford miss. After participating in this session, Summit Delegates should also Register for the POWERDNS Friday Product Session from 11:45 – 1:15 P.M. on October 9th (see Agenda below).
Bert Hubert
Founder and CEO, PowerDNS



“Re-dialing Telcos: The Web and Next Generation of Multimodal Services”

The telecommunications sector here in Europe and across the industry is experiencing massive amounts of disruption. From challenges that include legacy business models, keeping up with the web’s App-battleground, to cyberwarfare itself: betting on the right technology to scale new revenue streams is difficult.

Telecoms already engaged in Cloud-based business models and application infrastructures still host many legacy, silo-oriented platforms which generate high maintenance costs but low revenue. All these services can now be replaced in a single standard, open and modular architecture that is being deployed on-premise, in private clouds or as a hosted service.  Come to this keynote and understand first hand how the Speech-Design team is going beyond classic VAS by integrating Web 2.0, Social Media and OTT services with some of the cutting-edge Telecoms already starting to secure their future at global scale.

Robert Martens
CTO Speech-Design



“Create your own Demand: Empowering Choice, the Open ISV Ecosystem and Open Source“

Change is a daily fact of the Information Age: the rate at which disruptive IT models – both technological and business — are only accelerating the requirement for flexibility and openness. One of the largest evolutions and growth that Microsoft is now experiencing gives Service Providers and ISV partners the freedom and optimum value to integrate the best technology based on their requirements. And with customer usage of intelligent and open Cloud platform having more than doubled on Azure, we see partners creating entire new channels of demand and scale that means stronger share of wallet.

Come to this keynote to better understand how together with Microsoft Azure open ISV partners are part of the New Microsoft across our entire portfolio.

Pasi Mäkinen
Open Source Lead, Microsoft



Where Innovation Lies: The Strength of Decentralized Power Online

The growth of the Internet has provided an unprecedented opportunity for the world to create, exchange, store and consume information. That growth is fueled by twenty plus years of innovation from the internet infrastructure industry. Innovation is in turn fueled by competition and multi-stakeholder governance of the Internet. The Internet has become the important economic and individual tool it is because at a critical time early in the life of the commercial Internet, legislators agreed to a light regulatory framework. Poorly structured regulation hinders the healthy competition startup and established company developers require to evolve such a tool. Positive regulation prevents monopolistic holds and creates a fair playing field for all. Surveillance has started to erode the trust our industry has fought to earn from our customers and the Internet at large. This dynamic panel will examine the balance necessary for the Internet to remain a platform based on open standards. Questions such as: What is the current status on Regulation vs. Innovation impacting Hosters and Telcos? Where in today’s surveillance state is innovation being hampered? Where is it changing the Internet’s power and commercial value? As powerful institutions retreat into secrecy under the guise of protecting society: what is required to regulate the regulators?  i2Coalition Co-founder Christian Dawson will moderate this conversation with a unique U.S. lens and their experience working with governments to enact laws that govern surveillance are transparent and due process standards are met. Come with your questions, stay for the first beer of Summit.
Christian Dawson, i2 Coalition | Rafael Laguna, Open-Xchange | Jonathan MacDonald, Thought Expansion Network | Sarah Harrison, Wikileaks Journalist | Abel Jabol, CIO of the French Lawyers Association



So long Berlin, Hello…? Introducing OXS16

Rafael Laguna
CEO of Open-Xchange


Cold beverages and awesome foods for all!


Berlin is known for its love of beer and of course, its amazing food. The evening starts with some of both – dinner and cold drinks for all! Throughout the Bier-Xchange, accoustic cover band, Oh Alaska, will perform their unique set. At 6:30 PM OX partner Summa will host a parcours, obstacle race on a very special piece of Dutch technology: the OXBoard. The most accomplished and speedy participant will receive a real OXBoard. Right before the party really gets started, expect to experience typical Berlin in an atypical performance. Surprise, surprise: some things are better left experienced than said.


Open End
Club Avenue

After-Summit Party

Located below the Cafe Moskau, Avenue Club, one of Berlin's top clubs is opening its doors for OX Summit delegates and friends of OX (“F.O.X.’s“). We will rock the club, just like FC Barcelona player Gerard Piqué did with his girl friend Shakira when he won the Champions League earlier this year with special drinks, a special spot and of course an experience that will hopefully not make it to social media platforms

Friday Oct. 9th Day 2


Friday Product Session #1

A Federation for ISP’s and Telcos to make Email Secure

This deep-dive session will examine the technical architecture around storing, sending and securing Trusted Email Services™ and the benefits service providers gain deploying such an infrastructure. The experts and lead developers from Dovecot and Open-Xhcange will kick-off the Friday Product Sessions with an interactive workshop that goes into detail about the integration of Dovecot Pro and Scality storage into IT infrastructures. You will not want to miss this session as in additional to the technical knowledge that will be transferred, the interactive Q&A and book-signing by Dovecot’s own Timo Sirainen is for only an exclusive amount of Summit Delegates (limited seating). This is especially designed for the IT administrators wanting to ask Dovecot and OX experts how best to deploy and scale their architecture securely.
Timo Sirainen, Dovecot Founder & Chief Architect | Mikko Linnamäki, Dovecot Co-Founder | Toni Piehl, Director Professional Services | Peter Hoebel, TES Architect | Erik Julin, Sr. Director, Messaging, Scality


Friday Product Session #2

The Best Customer Experience on the Internet requires DNS: the Technology of Speed and Performance explained

Running an Internet service and/or business has become extremely complex with all the dependencies that are required to remain agile and customer-centric via IT services. And most service providers and large telcos are completely unaware of how detrimental a slow Internet or outage can become. Until it happens: your Internet goes down. Come to this session to understand from the global leaders of DNS technology how critical, exceptional 24/7 support and rock-solid DNS infrastructure is in transforming the business of your IT.
Bert Hubert, Founder & Session Facilitator | Peter van Dijk, Technical Expert


Friday Product Session #3

“Technically Speaking: What OX App Suite can deliver with Privacy, Guest Mode and Mobile App Functionality"

As a hoster, service provider or telco, staying engaged with your customers who consume a variety of online services is challenging at best. Both price and user experience weighs heavy on the decision to frequency and usage of an app or online service. The Open-Xchange portfolio has greatly expanded to include more functionality that Service and Cloud Providers require to remain competitive. With the introduction of OX App Suite 7.8, the amount of valued and trusted services that providers can now offer their customers has as well as new business and revenue model implications. Come to this technical product session for a deeper technical understanding on how OX App Suite — when integrated with core security and sharing differentiators like OX Guard with PGP, OX Drive and OX Documents — is engaging whole new customer-segments for Service Providers looking to scale their business and revenue growth.
OX Product Management


Berlin Mobile Tour

Join your favorite OX and trusted ecosystem people on an unique experience through the back alleyways and historical sites of Berlin on special a 90-minute tour.. The event starts outside Cafe Moskau after 3 P.M. with special crash-course training on how to drive a Segway or Trabi (East Germany car)* through the streets of East/West Berlin. On this tour of various historical sites, participants will get to personally see up-close, infamous Berlin locations/buildings, that will end in truly a Berlin-esque Privacy Happy Hour (see below). This limited seating activity is by Reservation ONLY — speak with your OX contact to learn how you can be on this historical tour of Berlin’s past and its position at the crossroads of European culture, power and influence. *Tour transportation is weather dependant


Privacy Happy Hour

Whether you arrive to the building by two, four or six wheels, or simply show up at Gottshedstrasse 4, Berlin by foot: you are in for a real treat. The Privacy Happy Hour is for all those Summit Delegates interested to end OXS15 with an intimate discussion on where privacy and Internet security currently is struggling and the necessary technological and business standards to be developed to keep Internet evolving for social and commercial good. Good conversation, a robust panel from the TorNetworks and our friends at are just some of the people you will meet on the panel. Beverages and eats — Berlin style — will be part of our evening.

OXS15: Welcome to the Open and Trusted Cloud Ecosystem

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