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“OX Summit is the one place where we get intimate access to the most innovative Cloud service providers and telcos looking for solutions their customers need. A completely relevant and valuable event.” Jerome Lecat, CEO Scality

The Venue

Café Moskau opened in 1964 as 1 of 7 international restaurants in Berlin. Since 2009 it is as a multi-purpose meeting and event venue.

It’s located in the heart of Berlin, right at Schillingstrasse subway station (U5), within walking distance of Alexanderplatz.

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Thursday Oct. 8th Day 1

Tech SessionBusiness Session


OXS15 Doors Open



Welcoming: A Summit like No Other



Guest Keynote



"Customer Ownership vs. Customer Freedom: Why Open Source?"

Rafael Laguna
CEO of Open-Xchange



Summit Exhibition // Lunch



Be Open or Be History



"How Providers should Deal with OTT Disruption"



"What does a 30M User Implementation Project look like?"



Coffee Break



“ Powering the World’s Email and Trusted Internet Services”

Relying on the credibility and technical capability of Cloud provider for the Internet is massively important: as individuals using the Internet; as a commercial business; and even as a provider needing to extend an offering via partners. Trust is a critical factor we count on for the innovation and profitability the Internet delivers. Come to this session to hear first - hand which technology and open approaches are delivering the next level of value on the Internet -- after all, much of what Google, Facebook and Apple have developed has been based on open source philosophy. Dovecot experts and partner businesses will join this workshop to understand where the future of their business is going.
Mikko Linnamäki
Co-Founder, Dovecot



"The Power of DNS to Engage more Customers"

Bert Hubert
Founder, PowerDNS



Making Tech History


Innovation Roundtable

"Technology Exploitation vs. Exploration -- Creating a Standard for Innovation, not Regulation"



So long Berlin, Hello…? Introducing OXS16

Rafael Laguna
CEO of Open-Xchange


Cold beverages and awesome foods for all!



Open End
Club Avenue

After-Summit Party

Friday Oct. 9th Day 2



“Powering the World’s Email Securely: Technical Facts why Large Providers Build their Services on Dovecot Pro"

The Internet is at the heart of everything we do - the services you provide, the digital products we all rely upon everyday and of course: the memories and stories we share online. And with the alarming amount of news surrounding hacks, security breaches and technology failing us increasing, delivering reliable Cloud services is becoming paramount to business success. Join this Product Session to sit with the IMAP experts and understand the ways you can differentiate your Internet offerings with the power of Dovecot IMAP serve technology. Mikko L., Co-founder & Session Facilitator // Timo S., Founder and Chief Architect of Dovecot, Toni Piehl, Head of Professional Services, Dovecot
Mikko Linnamäki, Timo Sirainen, Toni Piehl
Co-founder & Session Facilitator, Founder and Chief Architect of Dovecot, Head of Professional Services, Dovecot



“The Best Customer Experience on the Internet requires DNS: the Technology of Speed and Performance explained"

Running an Internet service and/or business has become extremely complex with all the dependencies that are required to remain agile and customer-centric via IT services. And most service providers and large telcos are completely unaware of how detrimental a slow Internet or outage can become. Until it happens: your Internet goes down. Come to this session to understand from the global leaders of DNS technology how critical, exceptional 24/7 support and rock - solid DNS infrastructure is in transforming the business of your IT.


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