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Moving forward calls for vision, courage and an open mindset to the business opportunity that lies ahead for transformative companies.

At Open-Xchange, it means consistently listening to what partners and clients require to secure future growth and prosperity. That’s why we’re hosting two amazing OX Summits in the central located cities of Chicago and Frankfurt. This 8th year of OX Summit focuses on the strength of regional partnerships while remaining an unrivalled global platform for what’s top of mind for the Internet’s key innovators.

2016 marks the year OX brings Summit home to our ecosystem, giving delegates more business access, relevant content and quality partners that are delivering the value, and freedom a trustworthy Internet requires.

Make sure you’re part of the action and outcome OXS16
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Frankfurt, October 13–14

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Sweet home Chicago

Addressing the unique opportunities and challenges facing the open Cloud ecosystem in North America, Open-Xchange holds this exclusive round-table summit in the heart of the U.S. lead by business transformationalist Jonathan MacDonald (See Jonathan MacDonald’s keynote at OXS15).

OXS16 Chicago represents a powerful forum of round-tables for exclusive networking between the Telco, Cable and Mobile carrier industries.

Each round-table provides a distinct platform for a clever group of IT leaders to share, develop and expand their scope and reach all in a trusted environment. Strategically placed between East and West Coasts, the exceptional city of Chicago is the perfect setting for a once in a lifetime OX Summit.

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Frankfurt: one city, many capitals

The financial capital of continental Europe and Germany, “Bankfurt“ is also a commercial powerhouse, hosting the world’s largest book fair and motor show and boasts a strong IT industry with an emphasis on financial services and telecoms.

OXS16 Frankfurt is the one place where our extended OX ecosystem joins forces to share, explore and align on the signals (vs. noise) now shaping the tech industry. “Mainhattan“ – the city that will become the capital of the open Cloud ecosystem in Europe for a day and a half – hosts the stakeholders from the Hosting, Telco and Cloud service provider industries changing the face of the Internet with trusted, value added services.

This year’s focus will be on exclusive product, business keynote and technology use cases where we will share our vision, reveal new technologies and dive deep with peers in smaller groups. Join OX Summit October 13 & 14th to learn, engage and network with the service provider industry.

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    "The Open-Xchange Summit is the place to go if you want to meet people from the industry, if you want to hear inspiring keynotes and if you want to see technology that is bleeding edge." Dr. Oliver Mauss, CEO United Internet Ventures
  • Portrait michael galle 250x250 d5c34afb6a06ecf35b03e99e1a37c7e985de9d4d2fe9aa9365e82713db4e233f
    "So inspiring: great talks, great audience, very good networking. This is the place to be." Michael Galle, IT Manager Tucher Brewery
  • Portrait jerome lecat 250x250 b705b8e65f3bbb8d63b9d31f679b2548c03c49969d74af77af394e2bb11c49c8
    "OX Summit is the one place where we get intimate access to the most innovative Cloud service providers and telcos and the solutions they need to deliver to their customers. Completely relevant and valuable event." Jerome Lecat, CEO Scality

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